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The Co-Laborative

In addition to the free training we offer via our bureau meetings, The Journalism Lab is excited to host a monthly gathering of those working in the journalism industry in Dayton, Ohio. We’re calling it the Co-Laborative and we hope these meetings can help strengthen the existing local journalism community through networking, instruction and the sharing of contacts, tips and resources.

Image courtesy of Nick Hrkman

Hang out with us

We invite journalists of all stripes to participate, whether you’re the managing editor of a local publication or newly interested in the field. Writers, photographers, illustrators, podcasters, radio producers, videographers and documentarians are similarly welcome, to learn from one another and possibly to tackle new projects as a team.

Journalism is under assault from seemingly every angle. Budget cuts, shrinking newsrooms, declining readership, polarized audiences and an ever-changing technological landscape can exhaust even the most grizzled among us. We hope these monthly meetings can offer a brief respite, a shelter from the storm, where you can meet and talk with others in the area who share the same mission of creating a better-informed community through journalism.

We intend to foster an atmosphere of sharing and cooperation.

The more everyone is willing to open up, the better.

We are currently on winter break. We will resume meeting at The Trolley Stop on Tuesday, July 23 from 7:30 to 9 PM. Registration is not required for our in-person events.